Gera Commerzone
by K.Raheja Corp, Pune


Who are ‘Our People?’

Innovative Minds, Diverse Talents, Unified Commitment!

Our creative team comprises a diverse mix of experts, each bringing a unique flavour to the design with their skills. Together, we’re committed to crafting experiences through architecture that leave a lasting impression.

With a high regard for creative environment, we at Urbanscape Studio practice an open hierarchy. The directors with their global leadership qualities collaborate vast expertise from varied background and offer extensive knowledge and design trends to comprehend client’s aspirations.

Experienced project coordinators manage the delivery process from inception to completion, achieving the optimum design solution within fixed parameters. Project managers closely coordinate with Architectural team for a smooth transition of the innovative concepts to turn them into ground realties.

Senior expertise prudently guides every sector with their in-depth knowledge of market forces.
Young and promising designers provide the zeal for visionary designs along with efficiency in most recent technologies for judicious analysis of design and deliverance of projects.

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